Chevy Volt 2015

Alternative fuel vehicles used to be a thing of the future. Something you saw on TV and in movies. That certainly isn’t the case today. As a result of rising gas prices in the 1970’s, a push to manufacture more fuel efficient vehicles began to grow. But it wasn’t until the late ’90’s, when the first Toyota Prius was released for sale in the Japanese market, and the original Honda Insight went on sale, that these “hybrid” vehicles became available to consumers on a global level.

In the past 20 years, we have watched our vehicles shift from gas and diesel engines, to hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and to fully electric and hydrogen powered. The green automotive future is changing more now that an any other time in history. Quiet Fuel covers the broad spectrum of alternative fuel vehicles, typically consisting of cars that make much less noise these day, hence the name. This site is all about informing our readers on every aspect of fuel efficient cars. We offer information and reviews on all the different models, news about fuel efficient technologies coming in the future, and tips and tricks for consumers to find the right vehicle to meet their needs.

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So what is the big deal about fuel efficiency? It’s not just about saving money at the gas pump or about eco-conscious tree huggers trying to save the environment. It’s not only about the government regulations that are steadily coming down the pike. It’s actually a mixture of all of these things. As times change our societies mature and grow. When more information becomes available we realize some of the mistakes that we have made in the past and we do our best to rectify them. Currently we live in a world with ever-increasing fuel prices, higher numbers of vehicles on the road than ever before, and an ozone layer that is depleting more every day.

As consumers, it is our job to make responsible and informed decisions about the products we buy, and vehicles are one of the biggest purchases we make. At Quietfuel.com we are trying to do our part to help consumers make the best choices to fit their needs and budget. It is no surprise that hybrid electric and other types of fuel efficient vehicles are becoming a larger part of the automobile market, and it is our goal to give consumers as much information about these vehicles as we can in one place.

While browsing our site you will find information about the different types of fuel efficient vehicles on the market as well as detailed reviews on many on them. We have organized the site to be as easy to navigate as possible, and we’ve grouped hybrid cars, hybrid SUVs, electric cars, and alternative fuel vehicles. We’ve also added a section for Resources that includes related stories and recent studies on fuel efficient vehicles. This way our readers can stay up to date with what’s happening. Whether you’re a green consumer, or someone simply looking to purchase the right fuel efficient vehicle, we hope you will find the information you’re looking for here.